Hailing from the tropical island of Puerto Rico (currently based in MA), Fire Letters inherits a rich musical heritage that combines roots from West Africa, Spain, and the Caribbean that is seamlessly fused with contemporary genres. This amalgam is presented through intricate and unraveling melodies that evoke gypsy and ancestral vibes with pepped-up and catchy electronic percussion often accompanied by enthralling chants. Their soundscapes alternate from synth-driven to guitar-powered topped with eerie yet comforting, ethereal vocals. Drawing inspiration from the human psyche and the spiritual realm, the band ushers a galactic voyage through the intimate.

The duo has released an EP, three singles, played multiple shows in the island and Northeast US, and recently finished recording their first full-length album.

The band combine a rich visual concept with their haunting primal tones, the otherworldly vocals ache with a sense of pain, the pain where love and its consequences can be almost unbearable.
— Mark Buckley, AnalogueTrash
The duo uses cautiously in sync harmonies to meld their voices, working at slightly different time stops to differentiate. The result is a trippy, spaced out feel that adds to the feeling of floating through an electronic dream.
— Ayden Measham-Pywell, SEMPLESIZE
Their first EP, “Transmusical”, is a true showcase of how well these two artists work together on tracks like “Come to Me” and “The Girl and The Wolf” — hopefully a sign of things to come.
— Alfredo Richner, beehype's "Best of 2015 - Puerto Rico"